Creating Curiosity

How Do I Successfully Prospect? Create Curiosity

A lot of people ask me, “How do I get started?” Well, how you get started is by making a list of 100 to 200 names—this is your hot market, made up of family, friends, people you do business with, etc.

Then you prospect them by creating curiosity.

Prospecting 101—What NOT to Do

What do you do? How do you say it? What’s the script? Well, don’t make the fatal mistake that a lot of people make—they get excited, call up their best friend, and fire hose them with three to five minutes of information about everything about the company and the products, and they expect their friend to say yes. And then what happens? The friend probably says no!

Why did they say no? It’s not just about telling them all the information—it’s about showing them and getting them excited about it too. Their thought process is, “I don’t understand how I can make a lot of money selling whatever you’re selling.”

What I recommend is that you create curiosity, and don’t satisfy it right off the bat.

Creating Curiosity Converted ME

I’ll give you an example. It was between Christmas and New Year’s, and my husband and I and our kids were at home. We got a call from Charlene, my husband’s cousin. She said, “What are you guys doing tonight?”

“Well, not too much.”

“Great. Don and I are coming over.”

“Oh, okay.”

“We have something to show you.”

We were excited to have them down. After a half-hour of small-talk, they pulled out a sheet of paper and started talking about this brand new business they were involved in. They showed us this beautiful catalog of jewelry that I absolutely loved. They showed us the concept of leverage and how the team would work together and how we could be making thousands of dollars a week working together as a team, having a lot of fun.

We were sold. We were excited. We thought, “This is going to be our ticket out of the rat race.”

Now, if Charlene had called me and said, “Hey, Sheila, I’m in a brand new business. I’m selling jewelry, and you can make lots of money,” within a few minutes, I would have made a decision. And it would have probably been, “No.” I wouldn’t have believed it. How could I possibly escape the rat race? There was no way I could fire my boss to sell jewelry!

Keep it Simple

When prospecting your hot market, the key is creating curiosity and don’t satisfy it. Keep it simple. If you call them up and say, “Hey, I have something to show you. Can we get together?” And they say, “What’s it all about?” What they’re saying is, “Tell me the whole pitch right now.”

Prevent yourself from trying to explain it all on the phone. You can’t explain your opportunity in five minutes or less; it takes time to show them the products, let them experience it, and help them to see how the concept delivers and how the team works together.

When you’re setting out to prospect your list, remember not to go too quickly. Remember, creating curiosity and don’t satisfy it right away—if they’re really interested, their curiosity will turn quickly into excitement and passion for the project. All you’ll have to do is give them the tools and show them the way.