Prospecting Posture

The Key to Attracting Your Team

If you’re going to get people to join your business team, you’ve got to have great prospecting posture.

What does posturing mean? That’s your attitude—it’s the presence you emit when you’re talking to people about your business. It’s a cocky confidence but not arrogant.

Prospecting Posture Part 1: Enthusiasm

It starts with enthusiasm. The last four letters of enthusiasm are I-A-S-M, which stands for “I Am Sold, Myself.” The height of your enthusiasm and belief will attract people to you. People will want to know—“What is that person so excited about?”

During my first month in my current company, I sponsored more people than I have in any month since. I was excited to share this opportunity with anybody that knocked on my door. Did I have all the answers? Did I have all the technical information? Absolutely not—what I had was enthusiasm. Ignorance on FIRE!!!

Posturing Posture Part 2: Confidence

prospecting posture

The Key to Attracting Your TEAM!

The second piece of posturing posture  is confidence—absolute confidence in your ability to succeed. If you know deep down that you will be successful, others will sense that and be drawn to you. It may feel like cockiness, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People will notice if you’re PRETENDING to be confident, so you have to truly believe that you can be successful. That’s your outer and inner world aligning. You absolutely do have something you can offer, and people will feel that, respect it, and be attracted to you.

Many people will say, “I’ll be confident when I succeed. Once I have a weekly check coming in, I’ll have that confidence.”

That’s a fatal mistake. The secret is that you have to have the posture first—then you’ll attract the people who can make it a reality.

Lisa Kitter is known in the direct sales industry as “The Queen of Thinking Big” and she has a  2 hour audio download worth listening to “Prospecting With Posture“.

Remember: They Need YOU

Don’t beg people. Don’t ask them to “help you out” and say you “need them” to be one of your people. Nobody wants to be needed—they’ll feel manipulated and will run, not walk, away. No one wants to be begged. Remember, you have something that THEY need. Posturing is all about knowing that you have something that will be highly valuable to them, should they accept.

What you’re selling isn’t vitamins, candles, or jewelry—you’re selling FREEDOM. That’s the beautiful thing about network marketing; never forget that what you’re selling is the freedom to live the life you want. Network marketing is a tool that can give your prospect the time, money, and freedom to actually create the life of her dreams.

Master at Prospecting with Posture

Master at Prospecting with Posture

Enthusiasm + Confidence = RESULTS


Here’s a story about Dale, a young man on my team. Dale was twenty-two years-old when he joined, in his fourth year of university and earning a commerce degree. He had an infectious enthusiasm, high likability, and incredible confidence—not only that he would succeed, but he’d make it right to the top and be a Diamond-Level earner.

Needless to say, his posturing was excellent. Everyone he approached wanted to see the opportunity; they believed that he was going to be successful, and they didn’t want to miss out on that success. He made them want to be part of something special, part of a team that was going to skyrocket right to the top. His belief did become a reality; people were attracted to him and to his team, and so his team thrived.

You can have great posturing no matter your age, network, or experience level. Be enthusiastic about your products and confident about the ability you have to change others’ lives and achieve your own goals. If you walk around with that posture, wearing that belief on your sleeve, you will create that reality.